Epic Games Store gives away 3 famous Fallout games for free

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Fans of the Fallout game franchise have just received more good news when the Epic Games Store is giving away 3 classic games for free.

According to VGC, the Epic Games Store (Epic Games Store) has just announced the list of the next free games that will be available to the gaming community. Specifically, this time there will be three Fallout famous games including Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

From February 22 – 29, players can visit the Epic Games Store to download Fallout this classic games for free trilogy for free. This is not the first time Epic Games Store has given away Fallout. Previously, this series of games was also free for one day in December 2022.

trilogy The Fallout will replace Dakar Desert Rally, the off-road racing game that is being offered for free until February 22. According to the developer and publisher Saber Interactive, “Dakar Desert Rally is the greatest off-road racing adventure ever developed”. Gamers will experience the speed and drama of the largest rally race on the planet, with the participation of many types of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, four-wheeled vehicles, and SSVs.

In addition to the news about the journey to give away free games, last week there was another notable news in the gaming field. Disney has announced an investment of 1.5 billion USD to buy back a portion of Epic Games’ shares. In addition, the two companies also revealed their cooperation to build a new universe connected to Fortnite, allowing users to ‘play, watch, shop and interact’ with content from Disney. , Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar

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