CCleaner supports scanning Windows Store apps

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CCleaner, one of the most popular applications for removing unnecessary and cached files from your PC, has just received a useful update.

According to Howtogeek, in its announcement, CCleaner said that the new version of this tool can now detect files from apps installed through the Microsoft Store. According to CCleaner, the new tool can perform “more than 500 cleaning definitions for common Windows programs, browsers, games and features”.

As of CCleaner v6.02, the app can now clear cache and leftover files from Microsoft Store versions of Firefox, VLC Media Player, Discord, Netflix, iCloud, Disney+, Telegram Desktop, and popular app other variables. Most of those apps have a built-in menu to empty the cache and automatically remove unnecessary software from time to time, but CCleaner says its new tool is an “all-in-one” solution. allows to clean any software present on a PC with just one click.

chat application that Discord is capable of filling up the disk quickly because it stores a lot of cache files in different folders, including GPU cache, icons, and other data. . Of course, users can clean this data manually, but CCleaner handles it with fewer clicks.

CCleaner is available for download from the company’s official website. Although the app has a paid version, the Custom Clean feature scans Microsoft Store included in the free version.

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