ChatGPT: You can now talk to the AI and listen to its responses in the Android and iOS app

by nativetechdoctor

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is set to become even more useful and prevalent with its latest improvements for Android and iOS. In less than a year, ChatGPT has gained a significant feature: voice command understanding. This means users can now engage with the chatbot orally and listen to the responses in a synthetic voice, allowing for convenient and unrestricted AI interactions. But that’s not all – ChatGPT is also enhancing its abilities with multimodal capabilities.

In addition to text, it will now be capable of analyzing images directly within the mobile application, similar to Google Lens. These advancements position OpenAI’s chatbot as a formidable competitor to Anthropic’s Claude 2 and other rivals like Google Bards. With these updates, ChatGPT is destined to revolutionize the way we interact with artificial intelligence.

This new technology allows startups to gather more data to improve their language models and products. Multimodal models, combining different data sources, are expected to outperform single-modality models. By incorporating this technology, companies like Spotify can enhance the user experience by translating podcasts in real time. Currently, only English is supported in ChatGPT voice recognition for Android and iOS apps, available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

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