PlayStation: hackers allegedly hacked Sony servers and threatened to reveal everything

by nativetechdoctor

Computer security researchers from Cyber ​​Security Connect have just made a worrying announcement. According to these experts, a group of hackers called attacked Sony’s servers with ransomware. Obviously, the authors of this cyberattack would have succeeded in recovering a lot of data from the Japanese company.

The evidence provided by hackers claiming responsibility for the Sony hack isn’t convincing, say experts. They shared some screenshots, an internal PowerPoint presentation, and Java files. plans to publish a tree with over 6,000 documents recovered, but it’s unlikely to be all of Sony’s systems.

Hackers are threatening to release Sony’s famous data unless a price is paid by September 28, 2023. Sony has not officially responded or acknowledged any server intrusion. The hackers, known as, claim to be web vigilantes and carry out attacks to expose data vulnerabilities in businesses. They assert compliance with GDPR and data privacy laws. Sony has previously experienced major cyberattacks in 2017 and 2014, where user information was compromised and security measures were reinforced. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.

Source : Cyber Security Connect

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