Chinese media warns of the risk of ChatGPT stock fever

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Chinese state media on February 9 warned about the stock risks associated with ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence companies also urged investors to stay awake after the share price of this chatbot skyrocketed.

According to Reuters, the fever surrounding ChatGPT has fueled speculation in the Chinese stock market, lifting the price of shares of artificial intelligence (AI) companies such as TRS Information Technology, Hanwang Technology, and CloudWalk Technology.

The Securities Times , in a front-page editorial, highlighted some of the technology concepts that have fueled stock buying in China, such as fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications networks, and augmented reality (AR). ), virtual reality (VR). However, all of this excitement has now “sunk”.

Some of the sought-after technology ideas have been successful, but there are “many other new ideas that have not been commercialized or need more time to prove. Still, some people are still eager to speculate on the concepts. fake, lure others into the pump and discharge plan”, quoted an article in Securities Times.

It is known that companies developing ChatGPT-like technology have had to tag risks at the request of Chinese regulators after the share price skyrocketed amid interest in general AI. very strong.

Beijing Haiti Ruisheng Science Technology says its ChatGPT-style products and services have not yet generated revenue and have no relationship with OpenAI. Although the technology “is on a long-term growth trend, we need to analyze its growth rate and impact calmly,” the company replied in a filing with the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Sea.

Internet security firm 360 Security Technology also reported to Chinese regulators that the ChatGPT -related technology developed by the company itself is still in its infancy, and is only used internally as a power tool. capacity. Because of uncertainty about when ChatGPT-style products can be marketed and how effective they will be, “we advise investors to pay attention to the risks of trading in the market in order to make informed decisions and invest their money.” prudence”.

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