Cookies in your browser can affect your privacy, learn how to delete

by nativetechdoctor

Cookies are small text files written by web browsers. It provides information about your interactions from one site. This contains your username or information about what you bought on the retail website. This can affect your privacy. There is also space in your system. In such situations, deletion from the system is the only way. Here you will find information about deleting system cookies. You must delete this from time to time.

Here’s how to delete cookies from Google Chrome

First, you have to click on the three dots, i.e. Menu in the upper right corner of Chrome. Then click Settings. On the page that opens, click Advanced. Under Privacy and Security, click Clear Browser Data. Here you can delete browser data and cookies and take pictures and files. You can also choose from them. After selecting, click Clear Data.

Note: To manage cookies, you have to go back to Privacy and security. After that click on Content settings and click on Cookies. Here you will get the option to block third party cookies.

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Here’s how to delete cookies from Mozilla FireFox

First of all, you have to click on the three dot ie menu given on the top right side. Here you have to click on Options. Then click on Privacy and security. Here you will get the option of Cookies and site data. Now click on Clear Data. Click on Clear only after ticking Cookies and Site Data.

Note: Also click on the Manage data link. Now the window that will be open will have the cookies present in your device. You can click on Remove Selected or Remove All.

Here’s how to delete cookies from Safari

Safari allows the user to change the settings easily. Let me tell you that Safari has been removed from Windows version. In such a situation, the focus is now on the MacOS version. For this, you have to first click on the three dot ie menu on the top right side. After this, click on Clear History to delete everything in one go. If you want to control the items to be deleted, you can select Preferences.

Note: Go to the Privacy section and click Block all cookies. At the same time, by clicking on the details, you can see which cookie stores are in your browser.

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