Dynamic Island is a secret that Apple hid until the last minute

by nativetechdoctor

Dynamic Island is considered the most interesting feature on the iPhone 14 Pro, especially when users know how much it has been hidden by Apple.

According to PhoneArena ‘s support documents, Apple has just posted showing that the two cutouts at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro do not have Dynamic Island, and this approach has helped Apple fool many eyes watching the product. at the same time creating a surprise for the fans.

A note from Ian Zelbo from the YouTube channel FrontPageTech said that shortly after launch, Apple uploaded product edges to developers to show the “i” cutout for iPhone 14 Pro models. It was quickly rectified with an updated image showing a single pill or diamond-shaped design appearing. This is believed to be rooted in the way Apple operates, where a secret team may have been working on Dynamic Island, while others were involved in the creation of supporting documents, web design, and resources for developers.

The people on the latter team didn’t know anything about Dynamic Island until the product was announced, so they had to update the support documentation once the Dynamic Island details were out. This can also be seen as the reason why most of the iPhone 14 Pro rumors point towards an “i” cutout design and the numerous iPhone 14 Pro renders that appear to focus on the style. this design.

With Dynamic Island’s last-minute mystery, the community really created excitement among consumers. Some people had planned to stop upgrading their iPhones for another year or two, but they were so excited that they were looking for ways to buy the iPhone 14 Pro and experience Dynamic Island as soon as possible.

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