Employees who leave Apple often go to work at Google

by nativetechdoctor
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A new analysis from LinkedIn shows that Google is the leading corporation in terms of employment, especially for former Apple employees.

The analysis conducted by Switch on Business mentioned how they arrived at their results after exploring employee profile types through the LinkedIn network. First, workforce figures are recorded at leading tech giants such as Nvidia, Amazon, Google, IBM, Netflix, Apple, Salesforce, Uber, Tesla, Meta, Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle.

Next, Switch on Business searches for employees who join each major technology company and have previously worked at other companies from the original list. From there, calculate the number and percentage of current employees of each technology giant who previously worked at other large technology firms.

For Apple, this study found that most employees previously worked at Intel, Google, Nvidia, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Meta, Tesla, and Adobe.

Intel is leading in the number of employees hired by Apple. This is reasonable when the iPhone manufacturer spent billions of dollars to buy back a part of this corporation in 2019.

For those who leave Apple, they are almost twice as likely to go to Google as the next biggest destination, Amazon. Next are Meta, software giant Microsoft, and billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla, which are on the list of top 5 working destinations. Nvidia, Salesforce, Adobe, and Intel followed closely behind, with Oracle making the list of the 10 most popular places to work for Apple employees.

The total percentage of employees at Apple recruited from other technology giants is only 5.7%. This rate is different from Meta, Google, and Salesforce with 26%, 25%, and 20.7% respectively.

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