iPhone 16 Pro battery image leaked

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Leaked images show a new battery designed for the iPhone 16 Pro with a metal case and slightly larger capacity, a design that helps dissipate heat better than the product on the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Apple is said to be working on improving the cooling system for the iPhone 16 series and now we have the first evidence with leaked images of the iPhone 16 Pro battery model, according to GSMArena .

The images come from a leaker known as Kosutami, who has disseminated accurate information about Apple’s plans in the past.

According to leaked images, the Li-Ion battery of the iPhone 16 Pro has a capacity of 3,355 mAh and is manufactured by China’s Desay Company. It has the same J shape as the battery on the iPhone 15 Pro series. iPhone 15 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,274 mAh, which means the iPhone 16 Pro battery will have a capacity of 2.5% larger. The new battery also has a redesigned connection.

The most important change is the move from a black film cover, like what has been used on every iPhone model to date, to a matte metal finish. This change improves the thermal performance of the battery, without significantly affecting the weight of the component. The Apple Watch previously used a battery with a black film casing, but starting with the 40mm Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has started adopting a metal casing to improve heat dissipation, according to Macrumors .

These leaked images of components seem to confirm information shared last week that Apple plans to introduce a new cooling system on the iPhone 16 to reduce overheating. In addition to the metal-cased batteries on the iPhone 16 Pro models, the entire iPhone 16 lineup is rumored to have a graphene cooling pad to reduce overheating. Graphene has high thermal conductivity, surpassing that of copper, and is currently used in iPhone cooling panels. Apple has been interested in graphene for thermal management for some time, filing patents related to research into the material for heat dissipation in mobile devices.

These measures are a response to the common overheating issue experienced with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed through a software update this year.

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