every snapchat user can change their username from february 23

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The Snapchat app will allow iOS and Android users to change their names from February 23, though some users are can change their username now.

change its name via Settings

To do this, it will be enough to access the settings through the Bitmoji icon, in the upper left corner of the camera and select “Username”. A “Change username” function will appear, marked in blue. The user can then enter their new name and click on “Next” to finalize the change.

Snapchat ensures that the change will have no consequences on the contacts, or on the Snap code. Note, however, that it will be possible to change your username only once a year. Similarly, Snap clarifies that users will not be able to select usernames that are already in use.

A series of new features

Snapchat released several new features.

The company recently revealed that it plans to introduce mid-roll ads during Snapchat stories for Snap Stars. As a reminder, a mid-roll video ad is a video ad format lasting a few seconds, usually between 10 and 20 seconds.

Another example, on February 16, Snap announced that it was partnering with Ticketmaster. The goal of this collaboration is to launch a new way for users to experience live entertainment events from the Snap Map.

Clearly, the new “Ticketmatcher Mini” will connect users with events that might interest them based on their preferences.

The feature has been available to Snapchat users in Australia for a while now and luckily it will be available to everyone from February 23rd.

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