Facebook is testing an account with multiple profiles

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is gradually allowing users to maintain up to five profiles, all of which are tied to a single Facebook account.

In statement , Facebook spokesman Leonard Lam said: “To help people tailor their experiences based on interests and relationships, we’re testing a way for people to There are multiple profiles associated with one Facebook . Anyone using Facebook must continue to follow our rules.”

All additional profiles, except the main profile, will not need to include the user’s real name, and they can choose any profile name and username. Special characters and numbers will not be allowed in the profile name. However, Facebook emphasizes that a user’s primary profile must still use the name they use in their daily lives.

The new profiles must not misrepresent the identity of the primary account holder, according to Facebook. Furthermore, users must not attempt to impersonate others. Any person found to be violating the rules while creating and using additional accounts will have their primary account adversely affected.

Facebook has yet to disclose how or what the company penalizes for first-time offenders. Meanwhile, repeat offenders risk the termination of one or all of their profiles, including the suspension or permanent ban of the main account. The company appears to have internal systems in place to recognize which records are breaking the rules and is being instructed to “take appropriate action”.

Some aspects such as creating and managing Pages or the Dating will be limited to the main profile. In other words, users are banned from trying to date multiple people using different profiles.

The fact that Facebook allows multiple profiles is supposed to help users maintain different personalities for the specific groups they want to connect with. In other words, the new feature allows users to easily keep their personal accounts only for family and friends, while other profiles are used to interact with colleagues or acquaintances. In addition, users can better organize their interests, likes, and content.

Meta has confirmed the multi-profile feature will not change the way the company reports user metrics, such as total monthly and daily active users. The company is currently testing the feature with select users in certain countries. Because this is an experimental feature, Facebook can completely remove it if it doesn’t feel beneficial.

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