Chatbot Africa Develops “LevyBot” For Calculating E-Levy Fees On WhatsApp

by nativetechdoctor
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the Government of Ghana imposed a 1.5% tax on all mobile money transactions above GH₵100.00 per day on the 1st of may

This tax is considered E-Levy. E-charge is a tax imposed on electronic transfers charged at the time of transfer. The Act is governed by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and is collected through licensed banks, specialist depository institutions, payment service providers (PSPs), and electronic money issuers (EMIs).

The fee, therefore, applies to the transfer amount above GHS 100 per day. This means that after 100 Ghana Cedis (GHS 100) one day of cumulative transfer, e-levy applies. In other words, if the total amount sent per day does not exceed 100 GHS, you will not pay E-charge.

Just knowing how much E-levy calculates the amount you send can be a headache. For this reason, Chatbots Africa has created an intelligent assistant called LevyBot to help you calculate E-Levy costs directly on WhatsApp.

ChatBots Africa is a multi-channel bot platform that allows you to use AI chatbots on social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. ChatBots Africa aims to empower companies in Africa by helping them simplify customer interactions and automate their business processes through Social Chatbots.

Apply via this link to get a smart assistant for your business. 

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