Facebook makes it easy to transfer photos and videos to Google Photos

by nativetechdoctor
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According to TheVerge, this tool can be accessed by going to the user’s Facebook settings page and then your Facebook information area. Your users will find the ability to upload their photos and videos. Users must link their Google accounts before they can transfer these files.

The image transfer tool was originally launched in early December last year as part of a data transfer project. Facebook says other countries will have access to the tool in the coming months According to Facebook, after the launch of the tool worldwide later this year, photos can also be uploaded to Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and other companies involved in the data transfer project.

Facebook also noted that its users have been able to download personal data from social networks for nearly a decade, and the new tool is implemented based on code developed through the company’s involvement with Data Transfer Project.

Reportedly, Data Transfer Project is a data sharing initiative launched in 2018 to help people easily migrate their data between different online services. This project includes several companies that work together to shape the future of mobility, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. This initiative is still at an early stage, with most processes focusing on the latter.

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