Facebook Messenger merging with Instagram

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Facebook just announced new features aimed at integrating the messaging experience across its two social media apps, Messenger and Instagram.

According to GSMArena, users of both platforms can now communicate directly with each other without having to switch apps. New features not only allow cross-platform messaging, but also include voice or video calling.

Users of both apps will decide if they want to connect Instagram with Messenger on their phones. Besides integrating communication features, Facebook also introduced a number of other features, like Messenger and Instagram users being able to send each other a mix of emojis and selfies.

Another new feature that will be available to users who choose the messaging option connected between Messenger and Instagram is Watch Together. With it, users can watch video clips from IGTV with their friends during video calls. A new chat mode called Vanish Mode has also been introduced that allows users to send messages that disappear on platforms after opening or when chats close. Users will also be able to customize the chat windows by changing the color scheme just like on Messenger before.

Other features include advanced chat controls like blocking people, deciding who can text, and reporting. The user can also decide where messages from strangers will go, such as message request or main chat list.

The live messaging update between Messenger and Instagram is currently rolling out to users in a number of countries, but Facebook promises to bring it to the rest of the world soon in the near future.

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