Facebook privacy changes on iOS 14

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Facebook’s latest move in its privacy war with Apple over iOS 14 marks such a change. Apple has made significant changes to its privacy policy, and it’s no surprise that Facebook is the company most opposed to changes in user tracking data for websites and apps.

Facebook has used all sorts of ways to prove Apple’s change is counter-business. Providing tracking blocking to the user reduces the effectiveness of the ad. But the social network must also accept the fact that Apple will not give in. Now, Facebook is telling businesses and partners that they have no choice but to comply with Apple’s requirements, which will have a negative impact on businesses in the long run.

Apple has stated that it does not oppose advertising and prevent the use of tracking on many of the websites and apps that Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms are using. What the new policy is trying to do is provide users with a choice of whether to allow tracking, rather than by default they are silently tracked.

According to a report from iMore, Facebook sent businesses an email explaining why they had to update their apps to show a privacy notification even if the company didn’t want it at all. The content of the email says if they don’t do so then Facebook and their apps will be blocked on iOS, which will have even more adverse effects on both businesses and users. And Facebook also assured the business that it would provide guidance and steps on how Apple’s new world order could be adjusted.

Facebook hasn’t missed out on the opportunity to talk about the benefits Apple gains from making a tracking policy change on iOS 14, that creators, publishers, and developers will have to rely on posting features. Signing up and making in-app purchases instead of advertising, Apple gets a percentage of those charges.

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