Firefox 81 will have a new Alpenglow theme

by nativetechdoctor
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The Firefox 81 version that Mozilla will release over the next few weeks will give users the ability to choose an Alpenglow theme from the company itself, mainly using purple and orange colors.

According to Neowin, the about: addons, about: welcome, and Customize UI menus will allow users to access new themes, along with automatic, light, and dark themes available to choose from. There’s no practical use for this new theme, but if you’re a fan of the aesthetics of the new Firefox mobile browser on Android, you’ll probably enjoy them.

Previously, the Firefox 81 browser was said to be the first version of Firefox to enable a feature that allows the control of currently playing songs and videos in their browser with the multimedia keys on the keyboard by default.

Existing Firefox users can also activate it in versions from 71 that were released last December. However, Firefox is not the first browser to support multimedia keys, as Google’s Chrome rival previously had this capability in March 2019 via Chrome 83.

Mozilla is expected to make Firefox 81 officially available to users this September, so many people may want to try its new Alpenglow theme.

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