Google adds an English grammar checker

by nativetechdoctor
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Google’s search engine can now help users check English grammar structure.

English is a difficult language in terms of grammar, on the market there are also quite a few software to help users check like Grammarly. But recently, Google has added a spell-check feature right in the search engine by just adding a statement after the query.

According to 9to5 Google, a new grammar checker feature in Google Search can offer corrections and suggestions for a grammatically incorrect sentence. This feature can also tell you if the sentence the user entered is correct.

To do this, users only need to enter content in the search box (Search) and attach the command “grammar check”, “check grammar” or “grammar checker”. Then the result returned from the latest search will be a grammar check (Grammar check), if the sentence is correct, then the Grammar check will use a green tick, otherwise, it will display the correct content.

Google’s support page says the grammar checker uses AI to analyze the language entered in the search bar. Google also says the AI ​​may not be 100% accurate, especially when analyzing incomplete sentences.

It’s unclear when Google started offering this feature, though, but the grammar check option is still a stub. If you enter basic sentences, Google will fix them better with complex sentences.

So Google’s feature only detects basic grammar errors. The company says this feature is currently only available in English.

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