Google-funded company launches new AI chatbot

by nativetechdoctor
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Amidst the wave of AI (artificial intelligence), Anthropic – a Google-sponsored company – launched a new chatbot that is considered to be marginally better than its competitors.

company Anthropic, an artificial intelligence founded by former OpenAI employees, has just launched an AI chatbot called Claude. Although this chatbot does most of what OpenAI’s ChatGPT can do, Anthropic has received a lot of feedback about the safety of the results. Claude also makes it easier for users to chat and proactively lead the conversation than other AI competitors.

Google invested $300 million in Anthropic in February 2023. The new chatbot can summarize, answer questions, assist in writing, code information as well as compose code for programmers. Not stopping there, users can adjust the tone, personality, and behavior of Claude chatbot more comprehensively than the “creative”, “balanced” and “correct” personality options that our chatbot has. Bing just updated.

Overall, Anthropic’s goal is to develop Claude into a “helpful, honest, and harmless” AI assistant. In particular, Anthropic adds that Claude does not have the ability to access the internet, designed to be completely “self-contained”.

Besides releasing the standard version of Claude, Anthropic also released Claude Instant, a version that is cheaper, more responsive, and lighter in capacity when compared to the full-featured version. At the same time, Anthropic also gave multiple companies access to Claude in the months leading up to its launch, including Notion, Quora, and DuckDuckGo (with DuckAssist search also powered by Anthropic and OpenAI). Users can view pricing information for both versions of Claude and subscribe to Anthropic’s chatbot at

The announcement from Anthropic is a bit late in the context of a lot of AI-related news, like the launch of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model recently. And will Claude avoid the mistakes of ChatGPT and other AI chatbot systems such as misinformation and racism…? Users need to wait for more information from this new chatbot.

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