Google launches a feature to help Android overcome Apple AirTags

by nativetechdoctor

Google is rolling out the ability to detect and warn Android users if they’re being tracked by a Bluetooth tracking device.

Bluetooth tracking devices like Apple AirTags are very useful when it comes to keeping track of keys and items that users accidentally don’t remember where they left them. But it also poses a problem when many people want to use them for their own purposes.

To help combat privacy practices, from this month Android 6.0 and above users will receive a tool to help discover tracking devices via Bluetooth.

devices Accordingly, Android will silently detect via Bluetooth waves to determine if any devices are tracking users. If in doubt, users will receive a notification and can learn more about the tracking device and its location on the map.

To help locate the device, the user can make it play a sound, the owner of the tracking device will not be notified.

If a tracking device is found, the program helps the user find out who it belongs to. Android devices will display the serial number or device owner information, such as the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with the device. Information about turning off the device, such as AirTag to remove the battery, will also be provided by the program.

Users will be able to scan their surroundings for tracking devices that are being separated from their owners.

Currently, the unknown tracker warning on Android only works with Apple AirTags, but Google is looking to expand it and has created a general industry specification. The company is also working with device manufacturers to expand its ability to protect users against unauthorized Bluetooth tracking devices.

Google also announced it is working on the Find My Device Network to help users track their belongings, but the rollout of the feature is currently on hold until Apple implements security measures. protection for iOS.

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