Google launches the Gemini 1.5 model with outstanding power

by nativetechdoctor
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Google has just announced Gemini 1.5 – an artificial intelligence (AI) model with power far beyond its predecessor.

According to GadgetMatch, just 2 months after launching Gemini 1.0, Google surprised the technology world by introducing the successor version: Gemini 1.5.

Before Gemini 1.5 appeared, Bard had affirmed Google’s position in AI. Gemini 1.0 continues that success, improving efficiency and user service capabilities. Now, Gemini 1.5 is officially launched with powerful improvements.

Compared to the previous version, Gemini 1.5 Pro has the same power as the most advanced version, Gemini Ultra, but outperforms over 87% of the tests. According to Google, the new version is more efficient thanks to its ability to allocate resources precisely, using only the amount needed for each query instead of the entire system.

Another notable point is that the new model can handle one million tokens simultaneously, while Gemini Pro only stops at 32,000. In other words, the new version can analyze huge volumes of data without any difficulty. even Google promises the ability to process up to 10 million tokens in the near future.

Now, Gemini 1.5 is ready to serve developers and businesses. Individual users will also experience this AI masterpiece soon.

With outstanding improvements, Gemini 1.5 promises to open a new era in AI, helping people solve complex problems more effectively.

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