34 vulnerabilities discovered in Intel products

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Intel has periodically disclosed information about vulnerabilities found in its products after workarounds have been implemented to eliminate them.

According to Tom’s Hardware, in its latest statement, Intel said 34 vulnerabilities are appearing in its products. This group of vulnerabilities affects a variety of components, from processors and chipsets to Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt controllers

In the case of Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt controllers, users can protect themselves from the actions of bad actors by updating the controller drivers. At the Thunderbolt driver level, 20 vulnerabilities were discovered that allow attackers to escalate privileges, conduct distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and exfiltrate data if they can. Direct access to the attacked PC. Only one of the specified vulnerabilities in Thunderbolt allows remote access to an attacked PC, but its severity is classified as medium.

XTU, oneAPI Toolkit, and Intel Unison utilities are also vulnerable to various vulnerabilities, but they have all been fixed in the latest versions. Some Intel utilities that users do not regularly interact with directly are also vulnerable to the vulnerability, although it has also been fixed during the update process.

Intel only refused to fix the information security vulnerability when working with the System Usage Report for the Gameplay utility, but this utility is no longer distributed

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