Google One will shut down its VPN connection feature this year

by nativetechdoctor
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Google has recently announced that it will be discontinuing its VPN feature in Google One subscription plans later this year. This feature was previously made available for subscribers who purchase premium packages of the Google One cloud service, with subscription prices starting from $10/month for 2 TB of storage. The VPN feature allowed users to conceal their online activity from hackers and internet service providers and also prevented others from knowing the IP addresses of the websites and apps they visited.

Although Google has not specified an exact sunset date for the Google One VPN service, the extension will be phased out later this year. Google launched Google One VPN as a viable alternative to other popular virtual private networks like Nord VPN and Express VPN, and it is available on all subscription plans.

Google has decided to discontinue the VPN feature to make room for more on-demand features and benefits. According to the company, it has observed that people have not been using the VPN feature as much as expected. Existing users of the service will be redirected to third-party alternatives.

It’s worth noting that compared to other VPN services available, Google One VPN offers one of the best prices. Additionally, for Google One users in the US, Google has deployed a Dark Web Report feature to scan users’ personal information to see if it was leaked on websites.

Even though the VPN feature will be discontinued for Google One users, Pixel users can still access Google’s VPN through Pixel settings if they have a Pixel 7 or newer.

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