Samsung upgrades language support for Galaxy AI

by nativetechdoctor
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Samsung has recently expanded the language support for its Galaxy AI, making it possible for more users to communicate effectively with their devices. The company has added three new languages, which include Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian, along with three new dialects, which are Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French. This brings the total number of languages supported by Galaxy AI to 16.

This development is expected to enable Galaxy users to leverage the full potential of AI on their mobile devices, regardless of their linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, Samsung is planning to add four more languages later this year, which are Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish, as well as two dialects of Traditional Chinese and European Portuguese.

According to TM Roh, the President and Director of the Mobile Experience Industry at Samsung, this move is a testament to the company’s commitment to bringing mobile AI experiences to everyone. The expanded language support will undoubtedly help users overcome language barriers, thereby unlocking the full power of their Galaxy devices.

Some of the AI features that Galaxy users can enjoy include live translation, translation assistant, smart chat assistant, powerful note assistant, recording assistant, presentation assistant, and smart browsing.

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