Google Photos on Chromebook can make videos

by nativetechdoctor

Google recently updated the new tools inside the Google Photos app on Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are laptops that run ChromeOS, the underlying Linux operating system that revolves around the Google Chrome browser. In July 2022, Google said it would soon launch new video editing features on the Google Photos app.

After nearly a year, the update is finally out, allowing users to create home movies more easily with just a few clicks

If you want to skip the hassle of making your own movies, you can choose the photos and videos you want to use to create the movie. Next, click on the plus icon and select the movie. Google Photos will provide a series of faces for users to choose to highlight in the video clip. Google’s cloud photo storage application will do the processing and output the movie with background music in a few seconds.

The application also gives users more granular control over the movie creation process manually, selectively repositioning the files in the video timeline. You can also add photos and video clips from your computer (not yet backed up to Google Photos).

Google now allows the editing of individual video clips and photos during creation. This is useful when users need to adjust image color and tone balance between scenes.

Google also provides a variety of theme music collections inside the Google Photos app, users can also select and upload music to the app to add to the video.

Most new Chromebooks come with the Google Photos app as part of the stock operating system. If not, users can install the application from the Play Store

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