GTA 6 gamers are disappointed by Rockstar Games’ surprise announcement

by nativetechdoctor
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GTA 6 fans are always anxiously waiting for a new announcement from publisher Rockstar Games, but they were very disappointed by this new announcement from the publisher.

All GTA 6 gamers wanted was a teaser about the game’s release date, but instead, Rockstar Games posted a new announcement on social network Tweet (now X) to promote the mobile game Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars.

Rockstar Games is an expert at keeping information private. They are also famous for extending the release time of new games because they care about players’ opinions. At any other time, the above announcement might still be well received, but while players are so interested in GTA 6, it is natural that they are disappointed.

Both Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars will be available on Android and iOS platforms, both are excellent spin-off titles from Rockstar Games, but fans still took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Simply put, most gamers need an introduction to GTA 6 or information about the release date of this game. Therefore, it is understandable why players commented with sarcastic comments like “This is the announcement of the year?!!!” or “It looks like Rockstar Games decided to release everything but GTA 6”.

The problem is that Rockstar Game can hardly satisfy fans unless they announce information related to GTA 6, a game that has been cherished for many years and has hundreds of so-called “leaks” rumors appearing. been present for many months. At this point, all players want is some new details about GTA 6’s images, maps or release date. A large number of GTA 6 fans are putting great pressure on publisher Rockstar Games and This publisher wants to calm their anger, so the only way is to release small announcements about GTA 6 so that they don’t have to complain about “Not enough” for many months.

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