How to block websites on Android

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most people spend much of their time using their phones. And Most of the time is spent on the Internet, where it is increasingly difficult to see inappropriate or malicious content. However, blocking suspicious websites on your Android device can help.

Why should you block websites on your Android phone?

  • Block adult content or inappropriate content when guests or children use your phone or tablet.
  • You don’t want a website to track everything you do online.
  • You don’t want to see annoying advertisements or pop-ups.
  • They are afraid you can click on fake websites/banners/advertisements that hide malware.
  • You want to avoid pop-ups that display fake and evil warnings.

Edit the host file

You can change your host file, but your Android must be rooted. This option may require technical knowledge that we do not recommend to our readers. rooting your cellphone involves the following risks:

  • You can turn your cellphone into a useless building block.
  • You lost your guarantee;
  • Your mobile phone becomes more vulnerable to malware and hacking.
  • You might lose access to safe and legitimate applications on the Google Play Store.

Use Site Blocking in Firefox

You can manually add unwanted websites to the blacklist of some browsers using special plugins. Firefox is a pretty safe choice:

  • Type about: addons in the address bar and click Go. Alternatively, you can touch the three-dot menu icon and click Add-ons.
  • Click Show all Firefox add-ons.
  • Look for the Site Add-on block.
  • Click Add to Firefox. Firefox asks you to confirm by tapping Add.
  • Now go back to the Add-Ons page and click Block Site. This will take you to the settings.
  • Add the website you want to block and add the domain manually to the block list. Then click Add or press Enter.
  • Your blocked website will now appear in the Blocked domain area.

Use a firewall

You can install an anti-virus program and activate a firewall to block dangerous sites. With multiple firewalls, you can also adjust application settings. You can allow or block access to the Internet when using cellular data, or disable access to unwanted websites.

Unfortunately, you might need to turn on your phone to set up a firewall and pay attention to its settings. As mentioned above, we do not recommend this to our readers. Instead, think of Google Play firewall applications like NoRoot Firewall or NetGuard. None of them requires that your device is in the root directory.

Use an antivirus program

You also have to use an anti-virus program. In this way, you can block malicious websites that can hide malware and increase the overall security of your mobile device. Some anti-virus programs allow you to filter traffic and set parental controls, such as: B. blocking gambling sites or adult content.

Block websites with the Family Link application

With the Google Family Link application, you can monitor your child’s activities online and block inappropriate content. It’s great if you want to block websites on Google Chrome because the browser doesn’t have a default option for that. However, this limits access to adult applications and certain content that your child may obtain on Google Play.

Use a data protection oriented browser

You can also use a privacy-oriented browser to avoid tracking and annoying advertisements. Unfortunately, not all offer mobile applications and some only offer beta versions. We recommend Brave or Vivaldi.

Use the NordVPN CyberSec function

NordVPN offers CyberSec, an integrated security feature that automatically blocks suspicious websites and protects you from malware. Pop-ups and annoying advertisements are also hidden, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally click on something that hides malware or spyware. One-click on your NordVPN application is enough.

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Henrich December 31, 2019 - 8:19 am

Thanks for the article! I already use Nord vpn and honestly chosen this service because of those features (cybersec, kill switch, openvpn etc). Btw, really like the interface of the app. I always turn it on whenever I access the internet, and so far it has been working great.


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