How to control 2 PCs with one keyboard and one mouse

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Maybe you have several computers in your home, office, and work. So when you sit and relax at home, you might not want to have to juggle your mouse and the trackpad of your portable machine. That’s pretty good because we have a solution for you. Did you know that it is possible to control two PCs with a single mouse? This article will show you how.

Installing ShareMouse

Firstly, you need to install the ShareMouse software on the two devices that you want to use. This software is compatible with Windows and macOS and can be installed on two computers with different operating systems. If you want to control your computer and Mac with the same mouse and keyboard, you can

The installation itself is very fast because there is no possibility of checking it.

After the installation is complete, ShareMouse is available in the notification area, indicating that it is waiting to find another computer. After installing the software on both computers, a small wave will appear on the ShareMouse icon in the notification area.

If all goes well, the software must find both computers on the network from there, and you can control both computers with the same mouse and keyboard. Simply drag the mouse to the edge of the screen to go to another computer.

Configuring ShareMouse

Go to the notifications area and right-click on ShareMouse then go to “Monitor Manager”. In this window, you will see the different screens of your network appear, each one identified by a letter. It’s up to you to place them in the order of your choice by dragging them: left, right, up, down

To configure other ShareMouse settings, right-click on the icon in the notifications area and select “settings”.

ShareMouse doesn’t just let you use a mouse to control two computers – you can also transfer a file from one computer to another with a simple drag and drop. To do this, go to the “data exchange” tab and check that the “allow drag & drop” option is activated.

Other options are also available, including shortcuts to jump from one screen to another even faster or to manage screen dimming to more easily detect which screen you are working on.

ShareMouse is available as a free download if you want to control two computers with the same keyboard and mouse. To control more devices, you will need to acquire a paid license.

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