How to protect yourself from Keyloggers

by nativetechdoctor

You may have heard of a keylogger. This is a program that, once installed on your computer, can recover all data entered on the keyboard. The data most frequently searched by Keylogger includes bank information (identifiers, security codes, etc.) and passwords (for your e-mail customers, your social media accounts, e-commerce websites, etc.). This software is usually recognized by antivirus software, but it develops so fast that some are able to slip through loopholes. To overcome and fight the threat once and for all, you can encrypt your keyboard. Yes, there is a free way to encrypt everything you type on the keyboard. We will teach you in this article.

To encrypt the data entered on the keyboard, you will need to obtain a software like KeyScrambler. This software works in real time and exists in 3 versions: Premium, Pro and finally Personal. The Personal version is free and provides real-time encryption of data entry in your favorite browsers.

Install KeyScrambler

The installation wizard starts, to start the installation click on next.

A dialog will open asking you to check for software updates. Click on Yes.

If you have downloaded the software from their site,you will have the latest version and you will most likely have this dialog:

Click on “OK” to go to the next screen which displays the terms of the program license agreement. This application is free for personal use; for any advanced or commercial use it will be necessary to turn to the dedicated versions (Premium and Pro). Click on “I Agree”.

The next screen concerns the installation directory of the software. You can obviously choose to modify it.

Then, you will have to click on “Install” to permanently start the process. Before that you can create the name of the start menu folder in which you want the application to appear. It is recommended to keep the default name.

The installation will only take a few seconds. The wizard will ask you to restart the computer at the end. So remember to save your work in progress before restarting your machine.

Understand how KeyScrambler works

Once the reboot is complete, you will see the software icon displayed in the notification area. Now the application now protects your keyboard input in your favorite web browsers.

To activate / deactivate the program, simply double click on the icon which will turn red as in the following image.

Each time you open your web browser, the icon will turn green to indicate that encryption has been activated in your browser window.

This dialog box will appear briefly when the browser is launched. It is interactive, in fact, when you type on the keyboard, an illogical sequence of characters is displayed to show you the encryption action on your input.

When you switch to another application not supported by the free version of KeyScrambler, the icon is highlighted in yellow to indicate that input encryption is not active in this application.

KeyScrambler is not a panacea for password theft. There are other flaws, especially in certain extensions that are not compatible with Google Chrome or Firefox. These extensions supposed to facilitate the connection to your different accounts (emails, e-commerce, social networks …) keep in memory your passwords and identifiers but are not secure, it is a bit Open Bar therefore. It is strongly recommended to use additional solutions to KeyScrambler such as password managers to strengthen the security of its data.

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