Huawei confirms that its old smartphones will always be updated

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On August 13, the temporary license that allowed US companies to trade with Huawei within a very strict framework ended. The brand’s smartphone consumers worry that this is silently signaling the death order of their devices, which a priori can no longer be updated.

However, Huawei has good news that we need to announce today. If the company doesn’t explain the process in detail, it will announce that all previous smartphones will be continuously updated. In other words, the temporary expiration of the license doesn’t change anything.

Older Huawei and Honor smartphones continue to be updated

More optimistic than Google, Huawei? It all makes you think that way. Two days ago, the giant web half confirmed that this is a temporary license that can be used to run security patches on older Huawei devices. The Chinese company, which recently became the world’s largest smartphone maker, is now confirming the limited impact of the deadline.

the company spokesman in Shenzhen assured us on Twitter and in a Huawei Central column that “our customers can continue to receive updates and services thanks to our open source community format and advanced features.” Development “.

“For phones with Google Play, all apps downloaded through Google Play and Google Apps will continue to receive updates. For smartphones that do not integrate Google Play, new applications and updates can be obtained through Huawei AppGallery “.

Huawei Mobile Services take over

We do not know in detail how Huawei will manage to continue offering the crucial security updates to its older devices. But the most obvious answer seems to be that it is the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) that will take over from the GMS (Google Mobile Services).

This is notably what is understood by the phrase “thanks to the open-source community and our research and development capabilities”. Indeed, the very latest versions of EMUI and Magic UI (Honor) are based on the free version of Android (AOSP) and not the one that everyone knows on their smartphone equipped with GMS.

An ecosystem apart, which nevertheless shares a significant common core, and which should therefore allow Huawei to correct more or less the same flaws as Google with its own security updates.

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