iOS 17.4 may be released sooner than expected

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The official iOS 17.4 version could be released as early as March, according to the latest share from Apple.

iOS 17.4 – the latest operating system version for iPhone is being tested by the community and users may not need to wait too long to install the official, updated stable version for their devices.

Recently, Apple confirmed its plan to release iOS 17.4 in March, although the company did not say a specific date. According to 9to5Mac, iOS 16.4 was released on March 27 and the previous version, iOS 15.4, was officially released on March 15. As usual, iOS 17.4 will officially appear during this time (about 3-4 weeks). Union (EU) regulations However, the deadline according to European may force Apple to speed up the schedule

Specifically, several important features will appear in iOS 17.4 to comply with the provisions of EU digital market law. The deadline for Apple to meet the regulations is March 6, which means that Apple will have to release a new update for the iPhone at the latest by that time.

Currently, iOS 17.4 is in its fourth beta version, so the final beta will likely be released to developers and test program participants this week to be ready for the main version. wake up before the specified deadline

The operating system update will be available for iPhone XS and later generations.

Up to now, information about new features that will be available on iOS 17.4 is quite clear. Some changes brought by Apple will be specific to devices in the European market, for example allowing users to download and install applications from third-party software stores instead of being forced to use the App Store as currently. iPhone owners in Europe will also have the right to choose whether to set Safari as the default browser on the device or not.

In addition to the EU-specific feature, the update also brings several changes, including improved lost device protection, podcast recordings, new emoji, Hello screen, changes in How to display battery status information, iMessage security updates

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