More than 6,000 Call of Duty accounts have just been ‘banned’ by Activision

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Activision is getting more aggressive in handling Call of Duty’s cheating problem.

According to VGC, Activision has just announced that they have locked more than 6,000 Call of Duty accounts after receiving many reports about cheating in Modern Warfare III and Warzone.

The game company said it received an alarming increase in cheating reports in the community for about 5 days in mid-February. To address this issue, Activision locked more than 6,000 accounts for the behavior. game cheating and hacking. Additionally, the company disabled game codes for time-limited perks like super speed and is currently testing additional security updates

“As part of ongoing security updates, a telemetry system was disconnected for an upgrade over the weekend,” Activision said. “This action caused the developers to fraudulently claim the RICOCHET anti-cheat system had been disabled. That is not true.”

“Thanks to monitoring activity throughout the weekend and re-enabling this upgraded system, #TeamRICOCHET identified and locked more than 6,000 fraudulent and hacked accounts from February 16 to 20. Our team continues to work on security updates for cross-mode issues in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare III “.

The second season of Modern Warfare III and Warzone launched in early February. This update introduces three brand new 6v6 PvP multiplayer maps, a new War map, another Zombies story mission, the return of the Resurgence Fortune’s Keep map to Warzone, and its collaboration with The Walking Dead

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