iPhone 13: a new color expected

by nativetechdoctor
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As well as component upgrades, the iPhone 13 is able to accommodate several new design innovations. Indeed, there are doubts that Apple’s next flagship will be available in a new color. Matt black. An option that according to leader Max Weinbach will be reserved for the Pro and Pro Max versions. While some iPhone models are now available in black, this is not the case for high-end models.

Here, the new color would replace the “graphite” option of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and would be closer to a deep black, without demarcation with the borders. The leaker also indicated that Apple had experimented with an orange-bronze version, but the American firm would have finally given up on the idea.

In addition to this new colourway, the top-of-the-range models of the iPhone 13 could also be offered with a stainless steel coating that reduces smudges and fingerprints. Many iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max owners have complained about how easily the edges of their phone get dirty. To avoid further criticism with the iPhone 13, Apple would therefore have made changes at this level.

There is also talk of revising the photo base on the back of the phones. Each sensor would thus protrude slightly from the base, independently.

The leaker had previously indicated that the iPhone 13 would have the always-on-display feature. Its screen could thus be permanently on, as on some connected watches. Only a few pieces of information such as the time, weather and various notifications would then be displayed on this screen. Whether Max Weinbach was well informed remains to be seen. His record in terms of confirmed rumors is rather mixed.

We will have to wait until next September and more precisely until the presentation of the iPhone 13 to verify this.


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