Firefox updated smart tracking blocking feature

by nativetechdoctor
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The latest version of Firefox comes with a new anti-tracking feature called SmartBlock, which can help users browse more privately on macOS Big Sur.

According to Mozilla, SmartBlock is a new smart tracker blocking mechanism for Firefox in two privacy modes: private browsing mode and Strict Mode. The company says the feature was designed using an intelligent operating mechanism because they had to face a problem during development: the introduction of a policy to completely block web trackers. Risk of blocking the necessary website components. This can result in images not displaying, features not working, poor performance, or even not loading the entire page.

SmartBlock will solve the problem by using “local stand-ins” for blocked third-party tracking scripts from working just enough like the original script to get your website to load properly. SmartBlock stand-ins that come with Firefox are specifically as follows: no actual third-party content from the tracker is loaded, so there is no chance for them to follow. And of course, the stand-ins themselves do not contain any code that supports the tracking function.

Mozilla says the new SmartBlock will provide a “two-way” experience with strong privacy protection without affecting your browsing experience.

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