iPhone 17 Pro Max will have a 48 MP telephoto camera

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A source has just revealed that the iPhone 17 Pro Max will be the first iPhone in history to have a three-rear camera system, all with 48 MP resolution.

Accordingly, researcher Jeff Pu shared information that the iPhone 17 Pro Max launched in 2025 will be equipped with a 48 MP periscope telephoto camera, marking a significant step forward compared to current iPhone models, according to GSMArena.

Periscope cameras use a prism system to reflect light at a 90-degree angle, allowing the telephoto lens to fit inside the camera body without increasing its thickness significantly. This promises further optical zoom, improving the quality of photos taken at long distances.

Jeff Pu also said that the new 48 MP telephoto camera on the iPhone 17 Pro Max will be optimized by Apple for use with the Vision Pro glasses that are about to hit the market. Currently, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can record spatial videos with 3D depth, using 48 MP wide-angle and 12 MP ultra-wide lenses for playback on Vision Pro starting with iOS version 17.2.

If this information is correct, iPhone 17 Pro Max will be the first iPhone in history to have a 48 MP rear camera system, including a 48 MP main camera, a 48 MP ultra wide-angle camera (will soon be available on iPhone 16 Pro ) and new 48 MP telephoto camera.

models It is known that the iPhone 17 Pro is expected to launch in September 2025, so it will be nearly 2 years before it appears, so Apple’s plans can still change.

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