Iranian hackers mistakenly distribute video tutorials explaining their methods

by nativetechdoctor
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IBM’s X-Force cybersecurity division has released a video tutorial designed to train new hackers from one of Iran’s leading hacking groups. This explanatory video was left on an Internet server, which shows that hackers continue to specialize in their activities, media specialist ZDNet explained on Saturday.

This video tutorial was created using the BandiCam screen recording application. Iranian hackers are learning new employees on how to take various hacking actions step by step, including targeting emails or social media accounts.

A member of the United States Navy targeted

According to experts from the IBM X-Force department, these hackers were very thorough in their work. However, the American company did not report how the Iranian hackers managed to get the account identification data of the victims.

The victims identified in the video include members of the US Navy and an officer from the Greek Navy. Conversely, some records show that hackers cannot access even more sensitive accounts, such as the State Department account. This Iranian hacker group is known to have attacked the American presidential campaign.

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