Keysight and Synopsys collaborate on cybersecurity for IoT devices

by nativetechdoctor
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Keysight Technologies has partnered with Synopsys to provide IoT device manufacturers with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment solution, ensuring consumer safety when devices go to market.

Accordingly, Synopsys Defensics testing software will be integrated as an option into the solution Exam Security Review Keysight’s IoT device (IoT Security Assessment).

With the addition of Defensics to the solution Lack of Security Review With Keysight ‘s IoT device, users now have a complete, comprehensive solution that combines known vulnerability assessment methods with a flexible fuzzer that can analyze over 300 diverse technology protocols—used in many industries, helping to quickly test for unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

In addition to reporting security flaws detected through fuzzing, this solution also detects potential exploits due to weak encryption and authentication, expired security certificates, Android vulnerabilities, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) vulnerabilities, known common vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities (CVEs), and vulnerabilities embedded in protocol layers, such as Bluetooth Low Energy attacks like Sweyntooth and Braktooth.

Also, solution Lack of Security Review Keysight’s IoT device will help manufacturers easily and cost-effectively test IoT devices and achieve the new US Cyber ​​Trust Mark certification when the solution is released. This turnkey cybersecurity certification platform enables automated authentication through a point-and-click interface, allowing device manufacturers to launch New IoT products quickly to market without hiring a large team of cybersecurity experts.

Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager of the division Plating Security and Testing Solutions ng Keysight said: “Securing IoT devices against attacks is becoming increasingly more difficult for manufacturers as demand for new devices and features increases. Thanks to collaboration With Synopsys to integrate their best-in-class fuzzy testing tools, Keysight can provide device manufacturers with a comprehensive security testing solution that identifies vulnerabilities in previously unknown protocol layers. previously known threats on their devices, and evaluates them for known threats, with a simple, easy-to-use interface.”

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