Microsoft announced an AI assistant that helps ‘unify’ Windows 11 and Surface devices

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft has just announced an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps unify the Windows 11 platform and its new Surface devices.

The newly launched AI tool is called Copilot and will work on the company’s applications including Bing, Edge browser, and Microsoft 365 software suite

The new updated version of this application will be released on September 26, integrated into the Microsoft 365 Copilot suite launched on November 1, according to Reuters.

Microsoft released the 365 Copilot preview earlier this year. In July, the company said that to use these features, customers must pay $30 per user per month.

In addition, Microsoft is also promoting the development of generative AI, which are computer program capable of generating text, images, sounds, and other data. The company has integrated this technology into the majority of its products and services.

Microsoft’s push to develop AI may cause large technology companies such as Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Apple to pay attention when customers use new services from generative AI.

Microsoft also announced laptop models, including Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and Surface Go 4 For Business, along with Surface Hub 3, a new version to “sync” with the new AI engine.

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