Lenovo shows off transparent laptops at MWC 2024

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Lenovo brought to the MWC 2024 exhibition taking place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the ThinkBook laptop concept impresses with a transparent screen that users can see through.

At MWC 2024, Lenovo did not provide any full specifications of the ThinkBook concept, so this is simply a reference prototype and it is unclear whether mass production will take place.

In terms of specifications, Lenovo ThinkBook has a very large 17.3-inch microLED screen with a maximum brightness of up to 1,000 nits and the ability to transmit 55% light from the rear. In other words, users can see about half the amount of light from the other side if viewed from the front of the device.

Concept The ThinkBook runs Windows 11. It also has a camera that runs along the base of the laptop facing away from the screen, instead of traditionally facing the user. Lenovo provided a quick demo where the camera can be pointed at a flower and use synthetic intelligence (AI) to give users real-life information about the flower.

The two most interesting things about the ThinkBook concept are its transparency and its keyboard. Users can completely see what someone is doing on the screen from the other side of the device. This will make many people concerned about privacy with the device, however, Lenovo said they will apply a privacy filter that helps blur the other side of the device, although it is unclear how specifically.

As for the keyboard, it is not the traditional tactile keyboard we are all familiar with. Instead, it has a digital interface. As a result, getting used to such a non-traditional keyboard will take some time and is not to many people’s taste. However, it is impossible not to mention an interesting possibility that users can turn off the keyboard and turn the bottom half of the device into a touchpad.

After all, the transparent screen capability is still the most important point in the ThinkBook concept. The product is impressive from a technological standpoint, although the company still has a lot of work ahead if it wants to bring this idea to fruition.

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