Amazon wants employees to limit the use of AI from third parties

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According to internal documents obtained by Business Insider, Amazon recommends that employees not use third-party artificial intelligence (AI) tools for work.

In an email sent to employees, the cloud computing giant said that although artificial intelligence brings many benefits and makes life easier, employees are not allowed to share any confidential documents. Confidentiality and customer information when using another company’s chatbot.

The policy clearly states that data such as emails, internal Wiki pages, code, confidential information, and product launch strategies can all be collected by third-party companies to train AI. Therefore, all Amazon employees must strictly comply with the security policy. Amazon also emphasized that companies providing generative AI services can claim ownership of any content users input, as well as the answers the model provides.

responses In early 2023, after discovering that some of ChatGPT matched internal Amazon data, the company warned employees not to provide any confidential information to the chatbot. According to Insider, some employees revealed that they asked ChatGPT for help writing code

Although AI is becoming increasingly popular, controversies surrounding intellectual property rights remain unresolved. For Amazon, the copyright issue may be more sensitive because Microsoft is their competitor in the cloud computing segment. While Microsoft is leading in the AI ​​field thanks to its investment in OpenAI and other generative AI products, Amazon has not yet made any prominent moves.

However, Amazon still allows employees to use AI models from third parties if approved by superiors and guaranteed to comply with company policy.

Amazon spokesman Adam Montgomery said the company has measures in place for employees to use AI safely, including instructions for accessing third-party services and how to protect confidential information. Additionally, recent internal emails indicate that some employees may access Amazon’s internal AI tool Bedrock as a safe alternative.

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