Many Android users are willing to buy the iPhone 15

by nativetechdoctor

USB-C is one of the most attractive features of the iPhone 15 that many people have been waiting for, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see many Android users ready to switch to the next-generation iPhone.

According to GearRice, a survey conducted by SellCell with smartphone owners shows that their intention to purchase iPhone 15 has increased thanks to the appearance of USB-C, opening up opportunities for iPhone 15 to “sweep”. “total smartphone sales this year.

To come to this conclusion, SellCell asked more than 1,000 iPhone users and many Android users in the US to conduct a survey. Of all those surveyed, 63% of people confirmed that changing the USB-C charging port would influence their decision to upgrade to one of the iPhone 15s. 66% said they would change to new models to enjoy all the advantages that USB-C brings. 37% of respondents said they find USB-C very appealing when it comes to being able to charge iPhones, iPads, and Macs with just the same charging cable.

For those who will not buy the iPhone 15, explain that this comes from feeling satisfied with their current smartphone, so they will not need a better or more modern phone.

It’s not surprising that many iPhone owners are willing to refresh their phones every year, but it is the improvement in charging ports that further motivates them to come to the iPhone 15 series. The most interesting thing is that a large number of Android users are willing to switch, with 44% of people saying they would buy an iPhone 15 if they actually had a USB-C port. Many of them appreciate the compatibility of non-Apple chargers, which means they can salvage their own charger or buy cheaper charging cables.

Overall, although Apple was “forced” to switch to USB-C due to requirements from European Union regulations, consumer attraction to the upcoming iPhone 15 will help Apple feel excited.

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