Meta integrates generative AI into Instagram

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At Meta’s Connect conference, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed some generative artificial intelligence (AI) features useful for content creators and influencers.

According to Insider, users can use AI Emu technology to edit images in the Instagram application. Meta will begin rolling out the AI ​​tool on Instagram in about a month. In addition to photo editing tools, Meta also launched AI stickers using Emu and Llama 2 technology.

New photo editing tool on Instagram

Like the artificial AI filter on TikTok, Instagram is trying to launch its own artificial AI tool. Users can change the artistic style of the image, for example turning the photo into a watercolor painting, or changing the background of the image by entering a descriptive command to the AI.

AI-generated stickers used in Direct Messages

Instead of using stock stickers or emojis on Instagram, Meta allows users to create unique stickers using synthetic AI. This feature will roll out to some English-speaking user accounts over the next month.

AI stickers are built into Instagram features like Direct Message and Stories, as well as on other apps like WhatsApp Stories, Messenger, and Facebook.

Interactive AI chatbots

In addition to the Meta AI assistant, Meta is rolling out 28 AI chatbots developed in collaboration with celebrities and influencers. The first cast of characters uses the likenesses of celebrities such as football legend Tom Brady and supermodel Kendall Jenner, and social media influencers such as MrBeast, LaurDIY, and Charli D’Amelio. AI characters will also have their own profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Users can create their own bots in the future

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg said Meta is building a platform to create AI to help you work or entertain, people can interact with these AI on Meta products. CEO Meta sees these AI robots as a potential way for creators to interact with the community.

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