Netflix will not work on these Samsung devices from today

by nativetechdoctor
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The Netflix video streaming platform that is popular today, i. Starting December 1, it no longer works on many devices, including Smart TV. We want to let you know that the video streaming platform recently announced that this streaming platform will stop supporting many devices on December 1. As a result, this video streaming platform is not available on many devices. Netflix has announced that Samsung Smart TV users and Roku Media Player will no longer have access to the OTT video streaming platform on December 1.

Recently, Netflix said in a statement that the OTT platform would not be accessible due to the technical limitations of this device. The company also advises users to update their devices. Netflix has also published a list of old devices that are not available on this platform.

Samsung announced in its official forum that Netflix will not work on C-mark or D-mark Smart TV models from 2010 and 2011 based on screen size and model number. If you also want to check your Smart TV, see the model code or model number listed on the back of the TV. If these two letters are listed based on screen size and model number, Netflix will stop running on Smart TV on December 1.

In addition, Netflix will no longer run the Roku XR, XD, SD, 2100X, 2050X, and 2000C media players on December 1, when it concerns the Roku media player. Netflix is ​​not available on this media player because of technical compatibility. If you use one of these devices in such situations, it might be better to buy an updated device or access Netflix on another platform.

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