New generation Mac mini launched at a cheaper price

by nativetechdoctor

Along with the arrival of the 2023 MacBook Pro models, Apple has introduced a new generation of Mac mini models with power from the company’s latest M-series chip platform.

According to SlashGear, while the more powerful M2 Max is available on the new MacBook Pro, the Mac mini will be available in M2 and M2 Pro configurations. However, the most noticeable highlight of the new Mac mini models is the reduced starting price of the product.

When it launched the Mac mini M1 in 2020, Apple gave it a starting price of $699. This time, the starting price of the Mac mini M2 is $599. The version with the M2 Pro chip is significantly more expensive than the M2 version when it starting at $ 1,299. In the announcement, Apple details the differences between the two models when it says that the Mac mini M2 has an 8-core CPU (4 high-performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores) and a 10-core GPU. The M2 model can support up to 2 displays and offers up to 24 GB of RAM, depending on the configuration the user chooses when purchasing.

On the other hand, the Mac mini M2 Pro comes with a 12-core CPU (8 high-performance, 4 energy-saving) and a huge 19-core GPU, so the cost of the product increases significantly. The Mac mini M2 Pro can also support up to three displays at once or a single 8K display, combining up to 32 GB of RAM. At first glance, that’s not bad for a device as small as the Mac mini. Apple says users can run previously unthinkable high-performance workflows in such a compact form factor.

Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the new Mac mini on its website. These products will be available to users on January 24.

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