No Internet! No Problem! You can now send and receive BTC Through Your Phone number in Ghana

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Machankura is a Bitcoin company that aims to make it possible for people without internet access to send and receive Bitcoin. Their primary offering is a USSD interface that is currently available in 9 African nations (Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia).

How To Setup Your Machankura Wallet

in order to begin, you must dial the country’s USSD code. The service will then react with prompts that let users register and use the service later. The available USSD codes for the service in each nation are listed below:

  • Ghana – *920*8333#
  • Kenya – *483*8333#
  • Malawi – *384*8333#
  • Namibia – *142*8333#
  • Nigeria – *347*8333#
  • Tanzania – *149*46*26#
  • South Africa – *134*382*382#
  • Uganda – *284*8333#
  • Zambia – *384*8333#

How To Send And Receive BTC Machankura

Once your wallet has been configured, you can easily send Sats to any other lightning address, Machankura users, or any compatible phone number. The amount of Bitcoin that a user is transferring may be simply calculated using sats or their local currency (sats are eventually the standard unit for sending and receiving BTC on the Machankura service).

[email protected] 

To send btc on machankura:

  • dial the USSD code (*920*8333#) for ghana users
  • choose the first option (send BTC)
  • choose where u will like to send the btc to (phone number, lighting address or machankura address
  • enter the phone number, lighting address or machankura address to send the BTC

To receive btc on machankura:

  • dial the USSD code (*920*8333#) for ghana users
  • choose the second option (receive BTC)
  • you will see your lighting address

but when you want to receive BTC by using the on-chain address then you will have to choose option four and then select Get Bitcoin Onchain Address. the address will be sent to you via sms and you have to use the on-chain address once and create a new one after receiving the payment

How To Check Balance and History On Machankura

the third option on the menu is now the balance and history option. To check the balance and transaction history, a user pin is required.

To check balance on machankura:

  • dial the USSD code (*920*8333#) for ghana users
  • choose the third option (Balance and History)

The balance functionality opens the transaction history screen and displays the user’s balance in sats, BTC, and the current value of their sats balance in fiat currency.

To check transaction history on machankura:

  • dial the USSD code (*920*8333#) for ghana users
  • choose the third option (Balance and History)

The transaction History functionality gives the user a brief that contains a paginated rundown of the user’s transactions. The user can choose any transaction to see transaction subtleties. Transactions that contain information (recipient, or purchased airtime subtleties) can be seen here by choosing them from the paginated list.

How To Buy Airtime With BTC On Machankura

Machankura users can purchase airtime from Bitrefill. They should simply give the number which they are purchasing the airtime for, and how much airtime are they keen on purchasing. The user’s balance will be refunded if airtime is failed to be delivered.

  • dial the USSD code (*920*8333#) for ghana users
  • choose barter Btc
  • Choose airtime

all you have to do is to choose the first option which says buy airtime for your number or the second option which says buy airtime for another phone number

on machankura, users can monitor the Bitcoin exchange rate using the USSD interface. this should be visible on option five and users can change their username and pin by using settings from the Main menu option. A future implementation that is coming soon allows users to set/update the language they use when accessing the service.

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