Nokia sues Amazon for streaming patent infringement

by nativetechdoctor
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Lawsuits against Amazon have been filed by Nokia in the US, German, Indian, UK, and European Union (EU) courts.

According to Bloomberg, Nokia has sued Amazon in courts across three continents, accusing the e-commerce giant of using its technology in streaming services and devices without a license.

Arvin Patel, Nokia’s Licensing Director, said on the company’s website that lawsuits have been filed in the US, Germany, India, the UK, and the Courts. Invention Thong most in Europe. Additionally, a lawsuit has also been filed against HP in the US over video-related technologies.

Patel said Nokia has been trying to have discussions with Amazon and HP for years, but sometimes litigation is the only way to respond to companies that choose not to follow the rules followed and respected by others.

Patel said these companies providing video streaming services or streaming devices benefited greatly from Nokia’s research, so should be compensated accordingly. Both Amazon and HP declined to comment on the matter.

Nokia says litigation is never its first option, and that most patent licensing agreements are agreed amicably. But in recent years, regulators such as the European Commission have tried to reduce the use of disputes over technology such as mobile phones in court, arguing that prolonged practice could stifle innovation. In June, Nokia announced a licensing agreement with Apple Inc. but did not disclose the terms.

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