Nvidia CEO’s statement ‘Don’t learn programming, AI will take care of everything’ causes controversy

by nativetechdoctor
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In a recent statement, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang advised young people that they should not learn programming because artificial intelligence (AI) will take care of everything.

The content of this message was said by the head of Nvidia at the World in Dubai, United Arab Emirates not long ago. He believes that young people are no longer encouraged to learn programming because AI will handle all that. Instead, he said young people should devote themselves to biology, education, manufacturing, or being farmers

AI can now write programming code in many different languages ​​through prompts: users need to tell it what they want and it will generate the code. ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini all already have this capability. According to Mr. Huang, many leaders have encouraged people to learn programming in the past 15 years, but things are different now. “Our job is to create computer technology so that no one has to program. Now, everyone is a programmer. That’s thanks to the magic of AI,” he said.

Equally surprising is that Nvidia’s CEO advises young people to devote themselves to other jobs not related to computer technology, such as manufacturing or working as farmers.

This statement immediately received many comments from social networks, including programmers themselves when they said “We must know programming to detect when AI is wrong”, “or “The use of Programming languages ​​is not simply about writing code but also about design and testing.” Some other opinions are even harsher, saying: “If we stop learning programming, who will fight back when AI conquers? restore the world?”.

After all, AI can help a lot when programming, but maybe we shouldn’t just leave programming to AI like what Nvidia CEO claims

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