Phishing Alert: Beware of the unexpected request to enter your Apple ID password on iOS

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

On the off chance that you are an iOS user, there will be an opportunity that you will get a request for your password on the fly and over and over again. Most people will have no doubts about it, but it’s actually not safe.

According to Neowin, although the above two login frameworks look the same, one of them is evidence of a vulnerability that has existed for years on iOS. The vulnerability can be easily exploited to collect user passwords just by spoofing the login framework.

Felix Krause discovered the problem and shared it on his website, hoping that Apple would notice and fix it. This phishing attack would work, Krause said, because iOS users who are familiar with password requests do not suspect them. However, any programmer can exploit the vulnerability to capture the user’s vital information.

So how to detect fake? Just press the Home button and see if the password prompt box disappears. If it does, chances are it’s a scam. If it remains on the screen, that could be a normal requirement from the operating system, as it works independently of the apps and is fixed with another process.

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