PS5 has a vulnerability that makes it possible to jailbreak the device

by nativetechdoctor
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A vulnerability has been discovered in the firmware game console of Sony’s PS5.According to The Verge , hackers seem to have just made some big strides to be able to jailbreak the PlayStation 5 over the weekend. Hacking team Fail0verflow claims to have manipulated the hijacking to obtain the PS5’s original keys allowing them to decrypt the console’s firmware.

In addition, Andy Nguyen (a security engineer at Google who is known by the moniker theflow0) also gained access to the PS5’s debug menu. Both of the above PS5 exploits were discovered by

The exploits show that the device’s firmware has been decrypted, which in turn potentially allows hackers to further reverse engineer the software PS5 and develop the kinds of hacks that allow things like Linux installations, emulators, or even even pirated games on Sony consoles before.

For now, the above exploits won’t result in much change for PS5 owners, no PS5 jailbreak will be released. Andy Nguyen says he has “no plans to disclose” about his hack, while notes Fail0verflow has stopped publishing PS4 hacks until Sony fixes it.

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