Qualcomm announces first iSIM at MWC 2023

by nativetechdoctor

At MWC 2023, Qualcomm announced the world’s first commercial iSIM certification through the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform.

According to Neowin , also known as integrated SIM, iSIM is the next technology in which the functions of the SIM card are incorporated directly into the main processor chip of the smartphone. This means that device manufacturers can save valuable space inside smartphones as well as reduce production costs. In contrast, the current eSIM on most devices requires a dedicated chip to work.

This is a notable alternative to eSIM, a technology that has become so widespread that Apple had to release the iPhone 14 without a physical SIM tray . However, for iSIM to become a household name, Qualcomm will also have to introduce the technology in its low-end chips.

Talking about the benefits of iSIM, this technology consumes significantly less power than eSIM, making it suitable for small electronic devices. More importantly, the SIM information is embedded directly in the device’s hardware, making it harder to access.

Forecasts from Kaleido Intelligence say that iSIM sales are expected to reach 300 million by 2027, essentially complementing the eSIM and physical SIM market rather than becoming a complete replacement.

Qualcomm said in its blog post that the iSIM is fully compliant with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning standard and can be easily managed over the network using standard platforms.

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