Rockstar Social Club shut down to reveal GTA 6?

by nativetechdoctor
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According to the gaming community, the Rockstar Games website is removing all Social Clubs and it looks like GTA 6 will get a new online service.

Back in 2008, coinciding with the launch of Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar Games Social Club was launched. This is an online service that allows players to track statistics in GTA, they can access multiplayer options and acts as an authentic way to play online.

The same basic system was used for GTA 5 without rebranding, but it looks like it won’t stick around after GTA 6’s launch.

Rockstar Games has promised GTA 6’s first trailer will be out as early as December but it’s still a mystery when the game will launch, although the Social Club shutdown could imply I think it will appear sooner.

The GTA fan community predicts that the trailer will be released on December 8 at The Game Awards, but it is possible that the game will appear earlier so that gamers can pre-order it.

It’s impossible to say whether this change will do anything before GTA 6 launches, but it’s doubtful that stats and data from the Social Club will be lost.

What that new service will be called remains a mystery, as it’s currently just called the “Rockstar Gaming Platform,” while Social Club’s own website remains active.

One of the big questions about GTA 6 is whether and how it will interact with GTA Online. Will there be a completely separate GTA Online 2 or will players have to log in to a new website?

Rockstar Games has yet to give any clues and there are very few leaks when it comes to the online side of things GTA related. They’re not even sure that the online mode will launch at the same time as the single-player mode.

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